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vinculum (vinclum) -i n. (latin): a band , cord, chain, fetter, tie.

The first restraint I ever bought was a pair of Takeda-style handcuffs, and I think I must have been 12 or 13 years old at that time, more than 20 years ago. Of course I did not buy them with the intention to start a collection - at that time I would not even have thought that anybody in the world might have the idea to collect restraints - and when you ask me today I am not able to answer the question why I bought them.

To be continued...

Last update 25 May 2003

Currently online:  ca. 44% of the collection

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Update 12/13/14/16 February 2003

I have rearranged the "Handcuffs" section and added thumbs instead of the large pictures. Clicking on the thumbs will open a new window with the large pic.

Update 2 August 2002

This update was not done from home but from where I work, so I was not able to show more pictures. I just have added some more links (now the email-link at the bottom of the page finally works, thank you very much Jack!) and I have begun with the introduction.

Update 23 Juli 2002

Today I have added some pictures in the Nippers/Mechanical nippers section, will continue with it next time

Update 21 Juli 2002

Finally I have an idea how to make links, so I have added a LINKS-page to this site. As everything, also this page is just at the beginning... I will also add some information now to the Dortmunder cuffs, the pics of which I had added last time.

Update 12 Juli 2002

Today I have added some pictures of the Dortmunder (Handcuffs/My TopTen) and a few pics of rare German nippers (Nippers/mechanical nippers)

Update 04 Juli 2002

Today I FINALLY received my pair of McKenzie mitts! Please have a look in the Handcuffs/My Top Ten - section...

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